Saturday, 14 February 2009


Hey guys - I thought we had too many posts without images, so here's one.
Wondering if you could help me out... what sort of ethnicity (or mix of ethnicities) does this drawing look like? [Completely regardless of clothing.] Even if it just looks Caucasian, if let me know what it seems to be to you I'd appreciate it.


Gen mow said...

hey, my thoughts are that half of her face looks caucasian and the other half looks oriental... then she has almost elfen ears... i think the eyes are the main giveaway... her head shape and hair also looks more caucasian i think as these aspects are not as refined as they might be on an oriental person... well i guess it depends which part of asia too.. getting a bit complicated... maybe you could go somewhere in between and make her from bangladesh? hope that helps :/ nice drawing jaimie!

fiona said...

i'm in agreement with gen! Half caucasian, half asian. maybe korean??

Jaimielane said...

thanks guys that really helps! :)