Wednesday, 5 August 2009

Collaboration book!

Hello everyone... in case you've been wondering what ever happened to that collab book, I "have" it in the sense that it is still at my flat from when I scanned in everyone's work. My lovely flatmate had agreed to watch over it for a bit while I asked someone to come and get it, but since I didn't hear back from anyone I asked it still remains at 42 Brunstfield Place. If any of you would like to collect said collab book, please let me know and I'll see when my flatmate will be home to give it to you.
Hope everyone is having a good summer! I see from various blogs that some of you are going strong with the illustration side of things, which is more than I can say for myself at the moment :/ Life without a good scanner is the pits.
I also wanted to ask anyone who got good pics at graduation and has a moment of free time, could you possibly email some to me? I would be much obliged!
Also I wanted to add my own opinion to the ever on-going feud between owning a PC or a Mac: They each suck in their own special ways, so pick whichever one you'll yell at less! :)

Sunday, 2 August 2009

I Need Help

Hello folks, long time no see. I was hoping someone could give a little help here, I'm goin to try makin myself a childrens book, and I've no idea how long it should be. How long did people make theres for the degree? i just have a habbit of writing long stories that go on a bit so i want to make sure i don't go overboard with it before I start. oh, and i have a rough draft of the story on my blog if you want to have a read. Cheers. x