Sunday, 2 August 2009

I Need Help

Hello folks, long time no see. I was hoping someone could give a little help here, I'm goin to try makin myself a childrens book, and I've no idea how long it should be. How long did people make theres for the degree? i just have a habbit of writing long stories that go on a bit so i want to make sure i don't go overboard with it before I start. oh, and i have a rough draft of the story on my blog if you want to have a read. Cheers. x


fiona said...

a children's book should be 32 pages, but this includes the cover, endpapers and title pages. so it's 24 pages (or 12 double page spreads)of actual story. if you draw out 16 rectangular (make sure they're horizontal) boxes to represent each double spread and number them, the first one is cover, second endpapers, third copyright/title pages,then the next 12 is all story, the one after that endpapers again, and then back cover. each cover counts for one page, so it adds up to make 16 double pages/32 singles. does this make sense? it's quite hard to explain without drawing it! i could send you a drawing of the rectangles if you like :)
good luck and well done for being so motivated! i've done sod all since finishing!

Marc Noble said...

Cheers Fiona, I think i get it, i'll try drawing it out and see if it makes sense to me. Just tryin to get somethin creative done lately to make a change from workin all day, and i want to try gettin somethin pulished.x