Sunday, 1 March 2009


hey guys i am doing this editorial... PLEASE help! am totally struggling and have to send it off in an hour... here are two options so far.. any comments would be amazing :)


fiona said...

they look good!!! maybe in the bottom one use the colour of the text elsewhere in the image to tie it in a bit more? otherwise v. good!!

Lizzy Stewart said...

i think the top one is easier to read and would thus maybe work better as an editorial? The one below is lovely though (so ornate!) and i think i prefer the colours in that one.

Anonymous said...

thanks :) aaaaaaaaaaa

Kirsten said...

Hi Gen, I agree with lizzy that the top one is clearer. Really beautiful! The only thing I would suggest is to define her arm a bit more? just because its right in the centre of the image.

Hope you get it sent off ok xxx

Neeti said...

hey..i like the first one as well...think its cleaner and works well.
the 2nd one could be a little too busy.
good luck!