Friday, 19 June 2009


Ok... D&AD meeting Monday 22nd at 11:30am... we need to have ideas and visuals, and be prepared to make yourselves heard!! We have to pretty much finalize everything on Monday.. also if you see and graphics crew pass the info on. GO BIFF!!! We are going to blow those london colleges away!! woooo!


Lizzy Stewart said...

yeah! go team! ok. Will brainstorm some awesome ideas...maybe if people come up with good solutions its worth doing some sketches or finding some examples of stuff that we like to sell our ideas...lets pitch our wee hearts out!

Lizzy Stewart said...

oh and just so people know what i was going on about when i whinged that the post its had been done before... this is pretty much exactly what derek wanted to do...only done much better.

Lucy said...

Yes! Definitely - say no to the post-its!!!!

I like the idea of everyone doing a letter each (although there are more of us than letters in 'illustration' - maybe this is our chance to finally do some collaboration drawing!, anyway, that should complement our work much more than pink and yellow!