Wednesday, 22 July 2009

Illustrative 2009

Illustrative is an international festival for illustration and graphics. This year it will be held in Berlin with expert judges from the industry. The 2009 competition is open to designers over 21, awarding creativity and innovation in contemporary illustration and graphic design. The prize is worth 6000 Euros, as well as publications and agency contracts.. and one winner will be invited to design a Swatch watch!

Have a look at some of the artists from previous shows... there is a fantastic variety and some really amazing work.
The deadline for entries is not til 30th September, so there's lots of time to really work on something personal, creative and innovative. For more info and conditions of entry have a look at Illustrative online.


Lindsay Grime said...

hmm, yes, some of that stuff is lovely.. thanks for posting this by the way, i needed reminding!

Miss Madeline said...

That's some lovely work