Monday, 4 April 2011

Come on foot walk with me

Hi there,
bless me bloggers for i have sinned it has been a couple of months since my last posted creation ;-P
been back in the screen printing studio making t-shirts,posters and such illustrations as can be see below. been also working away on a bit of album artwork for a lovely young edinburgh rhymer of the name Elmi. more on that coming soon, so my blogging presence has been absence due to some practical working and industrial image making ;-P
see u soon followers. x


ursula said...

i actually meant to sign into my own blog. opps haha. okay well anyhow BIFFERS thats at least a bit of interaction into the biff blog that i have been also absent from. hehe. love to all:) lets catch up guys, real workd is tough eh? :) xxxx

Lucy said...

I did the same a few days ago and they don't let you delete posts once they're up!
Your screen prints look great. And yes, more Biff Blogging is needed.