Tuesday, 16 December 2008

check this out!

Hey guys how weird is this!!! I was looking for an image on my computer and came across this painting in my folder... In my dissertation I'm doing a little section on consciousness and memory... how we store images throughout life in our unconscious... the theory is that these images will come out in/influence unconscious drawing! Another weird thing is that when my dad came to the exhibition he said the blue owl creature head i drew in our consequences sets (Lucy did the body and Fiona did the legs) looks really like a toy I had when I was little. CRAZAAE! especially when i thought those two drawings/paintings were my most spontaneous ones!

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fiona said...

haha, that's weird! i get that all the time, like a week after i've finsihed something i'll see something on my computer or on my wall and i suddenly realise that's where my idea came from!