Wednesday, 29 July 2009

P.C or Mac?

Hey i am going to buy a computer but don't know what to get. I was wondering what you lot thought about the pros and cons of P.Cs or Macs. I am going to be using it for Photoshop, Illustrator and other such fun stuff. I am also trying to decide if i should go for a laptop or desktop. I dont want to spend loads of money and get it wrong. I also need a scanner and printer so if any body knows a cheap place to get any of these shiny objects please give me a shout. Cheers.


fiona said...

decisions decisions!
i bought a new pc at christmas. it's a desktop and I find it a lot better than a laptop - the screen is so much clearer and mouse and keyboard much easier to use. a proper mouse (as opposed to the touch pad things on a laptop)is especially good if you're photoshopping stuff for ages! my computer is an acer aspire M5201, with an HPw1907v screen. I got them at Comet. All the guys in the shop recommended it because it's got a really good graphics card and so is great for stuff like adobe programmes and for playing games. I think i paid £500 altogether (including monitor), which is a really good price for the quality of graphics you get and it has a 640GB hard drive and 4GB of RAM. which is pretty good. Haven't had any problems with it so far and it's really fast and runs well.
I don't really know anything about macs!
I have an epson stylus SX200 printer with a built in scanner which i bought on amazon. The print quality is ok and it prints (after a bit of shoving paper in) onto thick bockingford paper, though I did almost break it from trying to push the paper in too hard! The scanner on it is really really good though. Ink is about £20 i think? It has seperate cartridges for cmyk.
Phew! Hope this helps! The staff in Comet were really useful, the guy i spoke to was a computer whizz. I think his name might have been jeremy? Not sure though...
oh well, good luck!

Lizzy Stewart said...

wow...i think fiona pretty much has it covered. Although I use a mac laptop, i reckon getting a desktop (PC or mac) is a wise investment. I hate being hunched over a small laptop screen all the time, using a desktop is far easier and much better for your back! The screen size is nicer and it would have far more memory. Ace.
Amazon is pretty good for scanners and printers as it tends to be cheaper...postage can be a bit shit though.

good luck!

andrew denholm said...

WOW. Thanks Fiona and Lizzy thats amazing help. I will pop along to Comet to spend spend spend. I will let you know how i invest my money. I love spending money i dont have, it makes me feel warm inside.

Lucy said...

PC! I hate macs

I got my printer from Amazon which seemed the cheapest. It's an Epson photo R1200 (I think) A3 - Epsons are pretty good quality.
Desk tops are better value but not so good if you're planning on moving flats a lot. Anything over 2GB of ram is best.
Also when shopping around try out price comparison sites - money supermarket has professional reviews on it which are really useful.

One last thing - when you finally get a computer NOD32 is a great anti-virus software that you can pay for and download online.

Also, let me know if you find something - I need a new computer too!

I think that just about covers it....

Lindsay Grime said...

I'll just add to the inevitable PC/MAC war and say get a Mac, they are a superior being!

libby said...

mac de mac mac...tis the way to go. they are built for designers....but dear dear expensive

andrew denholm said...

Thanks team

Anonymous said...

I think it really depends how much you want to spend, if you have more money get a mac because they really are better for art as you can have lots of programmes open at once, the screens tend to be larger and your clients/employers will probably use them. However, I bought a PC laptop, mainly because I couldn't afford a mac.. it is a sony vaio and has more memory, space, and all those important bits than a mac which was more than twice the price. It just depends how much you have to spend and what sort of things you will be using it for. Macs are totally overpriced but look nice, easy to use and generally excellent for digital art.

I have a spare printer/scanner, it's an epson DX4400, pretty standard but prints nicely (i used it for everything A4 or smaller in my portfolio) if you want it for £30? Including inks.

Anonymous said...

ps laptops are good if you will be interacting physically with clients and need to show people work at meetings and stuff.. also good if you're planning to travel, otherwise go for a desktop :)

fiona said... for the pc/mac debate, i think whatever you are used to using is best. i find a pc easier to use as it's what i've always used. it's difficult to say what macs are like as the only ones i've used are the ones at college - they seem to be slow and annoying but i'm guessing that's cos of the college network. so yeah - just get the one you think you'd be most comfortable using and is within your budget.