Thursday, 16 April 2009


hey guys, if anyone else is stuck for a place to stay for D+AD, I have a friend who lives in (south east?) London who may be willing to rent their souch/some floor space for £5(?) I know it might not sound luxurious but it's way cheaper than a hotel and you'd be staying with 3 nice brighton illustration graduates.

for those of you lucky cats staying with me here is a map.. we are just round the corner from earl's court and the venue is pointed out, it's no too far like,0,2408480324908106026&ei=FXPnSbOiMsTL-AaXnJTeBQ&sa=X&oi=local_result&ct=image&resnum=1


Lucy said...

Hmm, Olympia is right opposite a Tesco express, that might come in useful - Google street view is a great invention!

Also on the subject of D&AD I just tried to register at but the site isn't active yet - it saysit will be by mid-april, which is now... I'm beginning to think that all things related to the art industry are hopelessly unorganised!
So everyone remember to register once it is active or you won't get in.

Gen said...

that's weird, i registered a while ago, maybe it's because the competition is over and they're changing it?