Friday, 3 April 2009

tshirts ahoy

hey guys, i'm struggling a bit generally (is anyone else?!) but trying to get some tshirt designs done by monday.. then might feel a little better. finding it difficult to decide what looks good.. any thoughts on this design? it's probably for a guy rather than a girl, and aimed at snowboarders.


Lizzy Stewart said...

i like the bear and the trees, they're perfect for a snowboarding tee. I'm not so sure about the helicopters. They seem a bit uh...militant. I dont have any ideas what they'd be replaced with though. Maybe its the solid blackness actually? Maybe an outline would be nicer? Ah I dont know.
You should definitely do a ladies one. Definitely. And then contact Howies and make your fortune!

Lucy said...

I agree with Lizzy about the helicopters being too black, you lose the shape of them from a distance. I love the texture in the trees I think they maybe need to be a little bit bigger? or maybe slightly higher up?

It's looking really good though!