Tuesday, 28 April 2009


Has anyone found a decent printers outside of college for one off pieces? I've had enough of the temperamental college computers/printers, and reprographics really sucks in too many ways.


Come On Gang! said...

the best repro place i know of is the edinburgh print shop down by black bo's, the street near the bongo club. i dont' know if it does on off pieces but it's worth a try, otherwise go to q digital in the middle of the night, at least the A3 scanner there is pretty good. good luck!

Anonymous said...

hey, if anyone's stuck i can print A4 at home... it's quite expensive tho so if you have a lot to print you can pay me for the ink. is anyone else having trouble getting paper through? i thought that bokingford stuff was made for printers? oh well, cartridge will do right?