Sunday, 19 April 2009

Major printer-related frustration!

AAAAArgh.Yet again Q-digital proves to be a pit of uselessness and frustration! Bloody A3 printer has produced all of two prints in an hour and now refuses to work. Hence Macmillan entry is impossible to produce!! Grrrrr. So I appeal to you... does anyone have an A3 printer or live with someone who has one they would be willing to let me use for a fee? All I need is two a3 prints and two a4 ones... Help!!

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Anonymous said...

i suggest repro tmr... they can do the acetate too... actually maybe the print workshop for that. also, if you're really stuck, get a library laptop and sit by the learning zone printer... the colours are not amazing but if you sit next to it you can put your own paper in... look at the little printer when it pops up in the bottom right hand corner of your laptop to see when the printer is ready to print your file. good luck xx