Saturday, 1 November 2008


We could, and totally should make way better badges than these, although they do look quite yummy.... Just a wee thankyou to everyone who baked things for the sale yesterday, we raised £164!! Go us!! Some of the money will go into buying card and envelopes for the christmas cards, and the rest will be put in the pot for later.
Talking of Christmas cards, I think i have gotten designs from almost everyone, and they are looking pretty sweet, thankyou! We aren't going to be printing them until after the ever so lovely cvcs week (hopfully monday the 10th) so theres still time to send your designs. What alot of people have suggested however is that we print everyones name and some contact details (e-mail, website, blog...) on the the back of their card. Seems like a pretty sensible idea, so if you could let me know what information you want to include, that'd be swell. Oh, my e-mail address is, ta.
Nice pictures!!! Hope you are all having an amazing weekends :)


Sophie said...

Hi sorry I haven't sent mine yet. I was confused about something. I missed the meeting but Marc said something about only being able to use one colour? does that mean any colour? including/excluding black? sorry for being a lameface and being totally not with it, I'll get it sent pronto.

Lucy said...

Hi Sophie,

we're screen printing all the cards on one sheet of paper so everyone is allowed one separation. They'll all be printed in the same colour but we might do different print runs in different colours. The image that you do will need to be something simple, A6 and in either black or red so it can be exposed onto the screen.
Hope that helps!

Sophie said...

ohhhhhh ok cool. got it. thanks Lucy.

Gen mow said...

i want to eat those badges