Sunday, 9 November 2008


Oh my gosh. Thankyou so so much to you guys for coming to After School Club last night. I am so so grateful to all of you. You're amazing. All of the speakers involved had an amazing time and they seemed to be as inspired as we were to do some awesome things! Yeah! I havent sorted out the photos yet so instead I've posted a pic of one of my (multitudinous) bags as i think the look on the cats face pretty much sums up how I'm feeling.

Oh and in response to Gen's earlier post about some kind of collab thing what do you reckon we go and buy a few sheets of A0 card from the shop and have our own nous vous style drawing club one evening? that would be super fun!

THANKYOU BIFF. I am so happy that you are my classmates. YOU WIN!


fiona said...

yaaaay we rule. after school club was really really great. thank youuuu. i feel really positive about fourth year!! collaborative drawing would be aces. lets do it!!

Gen mow said...

nateye ye ye! and thank you lizzy, that was one of the most inspiring experiences ever... i think we should bring cake and fajitas and maybe wine or tea... tea with cake and beer with fajitas?... anyway we should bring food and lots of colouring pens and draw like we've never drawn before. we are the next generation guys,wooop woop!

lindsay grime said...

splendid idea i say, would brighten up the office no end. And thanks Lizzy for making After School Club happen- it was invaluable, thought-provoking, motivating, the lot, 5 stars!