Saturday, 22 November 2008

Travel Bug

Mmm travel posters. They don't make them like they used to.
Speaking of travel, I would just like to put this out there... I'm thinking of exercising my passport this spring - with Barcelona, Palma de Mallorca, and maybe Paris in mind. RyanAir has return flights for under 20 pounds at the moment, flying to dublin then Barcelona, and then maybe hopping over to mallorca for a bit, and back again. Anyone not going home/ not being sensible about cash is welcome to join me :D
I booked an 8 pound return flight to paris in february for no reason and i think I've protracted some incurable travel bug. Also, a random desire to design travel posters that just might manifest itself in my degree show.

Well done everyone on the christmas cards, they look great! Special thanks here to Kirsten and Gen who did most of the leg work for that. See you all on Sunday


fiona said...

well they are research trips for a travel poster project... so they are 100% allowed!!

Gen mow said...

i would really like to go to the shetlands or somewhere up north... anyone else?

Lucy said...

Actually I was wanting to go up north to do some sketching - somewhere bleak and empty. I was thinking of around Loch Ness but Orkney or Shetland sounds fun!

Jaimielane said...

Illustration Trip Part II anyone?

Gen mow said...