Wednesday, 5 November 2008

Collaboration Station

Hey guys, I'd really like to do some collaborative drawing.. is anyone up for doing some next week? I know Kirsten is interested.... still really up for doing our monster book! Is anyone else? I've planned to do some as part of my dissertation but it could evolve into some really innovative and exciting work if you guys get invovled (and it would be an excellent talking point in your portfolio)... The drawings I have planned are totally fun and playful. Here are some examples of what I was thinking of.


Lucy said...

I like the one in the middle - sort of like pictorial consequences. I'll help out if you need anything just let me know what you have in mind.

fiona said...

yay that sounds coool. count me in. i'll be kicking about the studio all next week, hoping to get a start on my personal projects! finally! oh goodness i haven't even started typing my diss. up yet. oh dear.