Friday, 8 May 2009


Hey does any one know the name of all the books we have had images published in. I cant really remember any which is a bit of a problem. I was also wondering what we needed in our CV. I know we have exhibitions, awards(none), competitions(none) but what else.


Lucy said...

There's the Edinburgh uni anthology the one that we did at the beginning of 3rd year but I don't know what it's called.
There the poetry book “Inextinguishable” by James Wood and the Owl and Lion exhibition which was 23rd May to 11 June '08.
Prison books (if you dd one or want to admit to it)
Spectrum illustrations if you got one of those published.
Duo book and Forest Cafe exhibition.

Anyone remember anything else, I'm sure I've forgotten some?

Sophie said...

There was a book called V, that was either a collaboration with Edinburgh Uni or the one we did with the University of East Anglia. Remember that? was that in 2nd year? jeez.

the prison books were properly called Saughton Stories.


fiona said...

yeah V was the edinburgh uni one, 2007 - title 'V: New international writing from edinburgh'. then the east anglia one is called Workshop, published 2007. inextinguishable poetry book published 2008. I just dug them all out from the corner of my book case where they are hidden!

Lucy said...

Do we have to include lists of skills and interests and other rubbish like on normal CVs?