Wednesday, 13 May 2009


hey guys, if anyone is struggling to get stuff printed there is a place called scotsec on brunstfield place, near the thai lemongrass. i phoned today and they can print while you wait, there is never a que i don't think. i'm going tmr morning to check it out but thought i'd let you know


Sophie said...

there's also a place called Cowan Print on Brougham Place, Tollcross, just down from the Post Office.
I went there today and got stuff printed straight away. No queue, no wait, nothing. BUT it was kind of pricey because they charge a £2 flat fee for each file and then charge per print. Good quality though.

Jaimielane said...

The bruntsfield place one is right next to me... I don't know how they are for printing regular things, but I got quoted 50 quid for 100 business cards, which seemed a bit pricey.

Gen said...

yeh i went and it was good quality but about £1.30 for colour A3 plus a £3.50 usb stick handling charge, which is a bit stupid, but he did it straight away. he can also do books if anyone needs :)