Sunday, 17 May 2009

Fajita fiesta time

They guys - I'm having a BIFF dinner party so come along - link is here:

For those of you not on facebook....
"Hey everyone - we're done and finished and the show looks ace, so I think it's time to chill out and have a dinner party. Also, let's not go a month without seeing each other. So, as a fun post-Viva event, come round to mine for a night of mexican food! There will be both chicken and veggie fajitas to be had, and real guacamole that comes from an avocado and not a jar.
I will supply fajitas, and appreciate if people could bring drinks/alcohol/dessert/whatever you feel like (or maybe even an extra block of cheese/packet of tortilla wraps?).

Date: I wanted to see what date would work best for people from thursday the 21st to sunday the 24th. Whatever general consensus is, we'll go with that - so post up what you can/can't do.
Hope everyone can make it!

Also - I have speakers but lack good music, so those of you with music please bring an ipod along"


Lindsay Grime said...

yo yo,
i'm not on facebook but that sounds lovely... what time? Shall i bring anything?

Gen said...

YEY! this is just what we need, thanks jaimie :)

Jaimielane said...

It is at 7pm, and bring whatever you would like! Thursday seems to be the day.