Tuesday, 26 May 2009


Have e-mailed jim about what we can put up. possibly work mounted on foam board is the best. he's arranging a meeting early next week with everyone who is going. just so you all know.


Anonymous said...

Hi - it's me! Please check your eca mail for some D+AD info.

I think foamboard would be the best way to display work as Fiona mentioned. It's lighter, less fragile,
more transportable.

You need to maintain contact with Graphic Design cohorts, and be ready for the day.

I would suggest not overloading your space with lots of content, or a least consider the layout beforehand.

I'm still waiting for a meeting date with Zoe, but will let you know asap.


Anonymous said...

Me again.

I notice a post about the hanging shelf. This sounds good, but you would have to transport the hardware to the venue and remove it after the event. We will now get charged additional fee if we leave much more than a bin bag or two of stuff behind.
My thoughts were about utilizing the cardboard (you know the stuff) to make portable folio stands or something...


Anonymous said...

And once more...

I only use ECA mail for all college business, so you know where to look. Lindsey Grime, empty your inbox - it's full!

Lucy said...

Portfolio stands sound good. I think it would be good to have everyone's portfolio beside their wall so you can see a couple of mounted images and then scroll through more of their work - the only way I could think of doing this was either something like music stands (but I don't think that they will look very neat) or shelves.

Also the most important thing for me are my 2 books which may be the same for other people, if we can't get shelves or anything like that is it possible to place people with books next to each other and position one of the tables beside us to display them.

P.S. Welcome to the blog, Jim!