Sunday, 10 May 2009

Opinions needed

What do you all think of this image? It really didn't turn out how I imagined but that might be a good thing? It's meant to be a fishing village from Howl's Moving Castle and I've got two other places to draw but I don't know whether to make them all like this. Help!


fiona said...

I think you should make the compositions for all three really different. This one's looking really good, love the deep blues. For the others, maybe do one from much further away? or just not as close up as this one. Then something else for your other one..... From a different perspective or something? Looking down a row of houses towards the sea or something? I know drawing windows etc is difficult at that angle, but if you do as you've done in your observed drawing, with the buildings getting smaller but the windows still facing the front... That could look great.

Jaimielane said...

I agree with Fiona, the deep blues really bring out the ocean, and it would be nice to see the next image slightly different maybe in color scheme or in perspective, or both. Just to give each town a sense of separation from the next. This is really lovely Lucy, I can't wait to see the set! Also you are an illustration machine.

Anonymous said...

this looks amazing lucy, i love it. yes i agree, just go with the flow and don't worry about matching the compositions. then it will be fresh and exciting to look at :)